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Tomball Shutters & BlindsLiving in Tomball; you’re probably used to window treatments that you can only get at a store. Those window treatments usually don’t last long and never look as good as they do on the package. When you purchase them from Bottom Dollar Blinds, you can guarantee they will look just the way you want them to.  Want to see the difference our Tomball Window Blinds Company can make in your home?  Then give us a call.

Windows are one way to make a home look better and save you money. But, over time your windows will need to have something that protects them a little better than a pane of glass does. Your windows need organization that only a professional Window Blinds Company can provide.

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home. Day in and day out, the kitchen gets enough wear and tear. This is why you need a blind for the kitchen window. It will help keep out annoying light and retain heat from the stove.

The bathroom is another area that a window treatment is necessary. When cold weather hits the area, the tile floors of the bathroom will become cold and hard to walk on barefoot. In order to retain the heat in the bathroom; faux wood blinds can solve that problem.


Tomball Window Blinds

When you consider buying new window blinds, you need to decide on a color. The color of your window blinds is one of the most important factors as it will need to match your décor and furniture. Mismatched blinds can be very disruptive to a room.

Blinds come in:

  • Neutral color tones
  • Warm colors
  • Cool colors

When you have our window blind company help you seek out new colors for your window blinds, you’ll quickly notice a difference in the home. Color options are endless as they come in just about every color of the rainbow.


Tomball Shutters

Interior window shutters, as opposed to exterior shutters, are normally used for decorative purposes. They do though provide a small amount of functionality as they filter sunlight, help control the temp in a room and save on energy spending.

Louvered shutters come in moveable and fixed options. These are known to be a very common style of shutter and found ion many homes in the Texas region. The moveable option allows for various points of positioning.

The fixed option is purely for decorative purposes. Through the fixed option, the light coming into the room can be blocked as well as the airflow. This can help to save on energy spending by becoming less dependent on the need for higher heat settings.

You’ll find shutters at unbelievable prices whenever you invite our window blind company into your home. Since 2008, we have been the choice for window treatments and are still providing them today.

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We are very pleased with the work and the professionalism that was shown during the process of the service rendered.There prices are fair and the work is 1rst class.We will highly recommend this company to others if ask.
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