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Plantation Shutters & Roller Shades in Cypress, Tx

Offering the best solutions for Shutters and Roller Shades in Cypress Texas!

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Look no further than Bottom Dollar Blinds for superior window treatments!

Since 2008, we’ve served Cypress, Texas and its surroundings, offering free installations of customized blinds, shutters, and shades. We provide a direct link to manufacturers for wholesale purchases. Our wide variety of styles and colors complement any home decor. Trust our decade-long experienced installers for flawless window treatment installations.

5-Star Customer Reviews

Choosing Bottom Dollar Blinds as your plantation shutter and shade company guarantees superior quality coupled with exceptional customer service. Trust us for a superior shopping experience, professional installation, and lasting satisfaction, living up to our stellar reputation.

Zach Medlin
Zach Medlin
Bottom Dollar Blinds exceeded our expectations! Slade was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. Our new patio shade is not only stylish but also durable. The entire experience was hassle-free, and the price was very competitive. I would highly recommend Bottom Dollar Blinds to anyone looking for quality products and excellent service!
Katina Brauer
Katina Brauer
Had a great experience with Slade and Bottom Dollar Blinds. Super responsive to set up first meeting, quick to quote, fantastic price and installed within the timeframe quoted. They were even able to do a small customization I requested for the trim. Great job and highly recommend!!
Katie Gray
Katie Gray
Slade is very helpful and knowledgeable. He spent a lot of quality time helping me figure out which options and fabrics would work best for each space. He did our entire home. He was able to help me balance cost with functionality depending upon the space. I greatly appreciate his attention to detail and patience. I highly recommend him!
Colin Apostolo
Colin Apostolo
We love our new blinds! I had the pleasure of working with Slade on getting new blinds for our home. Slade was professional, helpful, and made the process hassle free. We will certainly go back to Slade for more business and would recommend him to all.
Fan Rong
Fan Rong
We are absolutely delighted with the final product- it exudes elegance.thr quality of shades is excellent, and electric controller resolves the issue of high window.
peter ostashen
peter ostashen
Easy to work with, fair price, great communication. I called most places around Cypress and they were the fastest with the best price to install our shutters.
Suzanna Allain
Suzanna Allain
I was pleased with how quickly an appointment was made, the window was measured and the estimate was given. Since it was a custom size, it took several weeks for it to be delivered. The installation was fast and professional. I could be happier and the shutter likes great from both interior and exterior.
Michael Parks
Michael Parks
Patio shade install was a breeze from start to finish. Works and looks great. Couldn’t be happier. Great communication.
R Chhuth
R Chhuth
We love our shutters and rolling blinds. Everything went smoothly with the service provided by the company. Slade was really professional and helpful with our decision making process. Highly recommend this company!

Discover the Perfect Plantation Shutters for Your Living Room!

Interior plantation shutters, sometimes referred to as plantation blinds, are top-tier window accessories constructed from superior materials such as robust wood and poly core material. These stylish shutters, expertly mounted within the window frames or the outside, impart an air of sophistication adaptable to any interior style or aesthetic, especially living rooms.

Enhance Your Living Room

Plantation shutters add an extra layer of refinement, especially in living rooms. Living rooms often serve as the heart of a home, and these shutters enhance their functionality and visual appeal by providing controlled light, privacy, and insulation, contributing to a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Increase Longevity

Plantation shutters are efficient insulators that aid in maintaining indoor temperature and resist moisture, extending their longevity. These shutters do more than augment decor; they seamlessly blend aesthetics and practicality, elevating any space they grace.

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Explore Other Shutter Types

Wood Shutters

Discover the timeless elegance of Wood Shutters, meticulously crafted to enhance your home’s aesthetic. With their natural warmth and classic appeal, these shutters infuse any space with sophistication. Explore the rich textures and enduring charm that only authentic wood can provide. Dive deeper to transform your interiors today!

Faux Wood Shutters

Merge traditional allure with modern durability through our Faux Wood Shutters. Designed to resist moisture and wear, these shutters capture the essence of wood without its challenges. Their effortless maintenance and enduring beauty make them a top pick for discerning homeowners. Unveil the seamless fusion of classic and contemporary now!

Poly Shutters

Step into the future of window treatments with our resilient Poly Shutters. Crafted for longevity, they stand robust against varying climates, ensuring pristine appearance throughout. Ideal for spaces demanding moisture resistance and effortless upkeep, these shutters offer sleek, modern elegance. Explore the transformative power of Poly Shutters for your home!

An Extensive Collection of Roller Shades for Every Use

In search of quality roller shades in Cypress, Texas? Bottom Dollar Blinds is your best bet! We prides ourselves on exceptional customer service, premium quality materials, and unparalleled expertise. Offering a wide range of versatile roller shades that complement any home aesthetic, Bottom Dollar Blinds ensures that your unique style and functional needs are met.

Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout roller shades cut out nearly 90% of external light and effectively absorb outside noise. Made from thick or layered fabric, their easy roll-up mechanism simplifies usage. Not only ideal for bedrooms craving complete darkness, these shades enhance home theaters by removing glare. Offices with presentation areas can also profit, as they ensure projector clarity. They’re a stylish, multifunctional solution for spaces requiring maximum light and sound control.

Outdoor and Patio Roller Shades

Outdoor roller shades, versatile for managing sun glare, heat, and privacy, are durable for different climates, enhancing longevity. Ideal for patios, they turn outdoor spaces into comfy retreats, even under strong sun. They’re applicable to decks, pergolas, and pools, increasing enjoyment by controlling sunlight. They uplift your outdoor gatherings with their blend of comfort and style.

Motorized Roller Shades

Motorized roller shades, also known as remote control shades, provide convenience, style, and comfort with a button’s click. They’re electric-powered, allowing remote adjustment. This stylish, functional solution fits any interior, from homes enhancing privacy to commercial spaces promoting energy efficiency. They’re also great for hard-to-reach windows, managing natural light effectively. Enjoy the refinement of motorized shades, effortlessly transforming your spaces.

Custom Roller Shades

Experience the allure of custom design with our Roller Shades. These are tailored to echo your style – from fabric to hardware, ensuring harmony with your décor. Explore a vast array of textures, colors, and patterns, and choose modern hardware to accentuate your design. The shades offer control over light and privacy. Our Roller Shades let you create more than window coverings – they enable you to craft a personal interior masterpiece. Reject generic – embrace a design that’s uniquely yours.