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When it comes to the function and the aesthetic quality of interior shutters for your windows, there are several factors that determine this. Polycore shutters will stand out as an attractive feature of any room they are installed in. For a professional installation; call Bottom Dollar Blinds. We offer the best Houston window blinds and coverings from name-brand manufacturers. With more than a decade of experience, our Cypress Window Blinds Company knows what you’re looking for and can deliver them at a price that’s affordable.

Window shutters have three modes of operation:

  • Slats fully open to allow maximum sunlight
  • Slats fully closed to prevent light from entering into room(s)
  • Louvers open to restrict and control exterior light to desired levels

Paint or Color Stain

For better aesthetic all around beauty, there are lots of colors and stains to choose from when it comes to our shutters. Take your pick of bold colors or stains that mimic the look of real wood. Natural cedar or a light tan finish to your shutters will bring that classic beauty back into your home.


Polycore in Cypress has been the up and coming window covering for the past couple of years. That’s because it combines innovative technology and traditional craftsmanship. Having an aluminum reinforced core, these shutters are built to last and very affordable.


Introducing technology into a window covering was unheard of decades ago. Now, after several years, research and development have made these shutters what they are today as they are part aluminum and PVC.


Polycore is the best option for shutters because they are highly durable. What makes them so desirable is the ease of cleaning. A shutter that’s easy to take care of and keep clean is what should be on all your windows.


What makes our shutters so different is the internal, and completely invisible, aluminum cross-sectional box rein-forcing. The aluminum reinforcement delivers distinct advantages over its alternative synthetic faux wood products.

Beautify & Protect

If you’re into Polycore or just want simple interior shutters with a more traditional design; you are more likely to feel the instant beauty they provide along with the added security your family deserves. Protecting the home with such beauty can be all yours.

Wood vs. Polycore

Unlike wood, Polycore will not split or crack nor discolor. Polycore insulates three times as faster than wood. It’s also a lot easier to manage than wood as far as maintenance goes because the wood has the tendency to warp.

If you ‘re wanting Polycore shutters in your life, call Bottom Dollar Blinds for installation times. We make life simpler on your windows and it shows.

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