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After UV protection and lower energy bills, one of the top attributes that many homeowners seek out is Window Films for better privacy. There are many different styles and varieties of this film that offer a sleek and classy look. For better ease of privacy and an alternative to bulky blinds and shades, call Bottom Dollar Blinds, your professional Cypress Window Blinds Company. We’ll apply the film as it will immediately start working on your windows which will give you the protection and comfort you need.

If you are trying to avoid your neighbors and others peeking into your home; the one-way mirror film is one option. It is an excellent option for those demanding their privacy. One-way mirror films are great for homes that benefit from natural light in Cypress.

Window Films Houston

Frosted Film

Do you like the look of etched glass without the permanency and costs associated with real etched glass? These films come in a variety of strengths from barely fogged to completely opaque and more.

Patterned Film

Patterned film in Cypress offers homeowners and renters a range of privacy based on opacity. Pattern films do differ from the other types as they can have a range of subtle to larger patterns that can occasionally change colors.

Window Films vs. Blinds

Many people feel that film for the windows is only intended for the warmer summer months. If you feel that way, you would be wrong as they are intended for any time of year, winter included. Blinds are not as manageable as films are as more maintenance goes into blinds.


Windows are one of our best features in the home. That’s because they allow for sunlight to brighten and warm up a room naturally as well as a safe place to view the outdoors from. Film for windows can benefit your windows in the following ways:

  • Block varying degrees of sunlight
  • Add to the privacy levels
  • Decorate the windows with stylish patterns

Energy Savings

With film for the windows; you’ll save more per year on your energy bills. Today’s energy bills are becoming increasingly higher. Without protection for your windows, they are exposed to the elements more and will reflect on your bills.

Furniture Protection

The sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate through your window and damage your furniture. Prolonged exposure can lead to the rays fading your rugs, carpet and other upholstery around the home. Film blocks the rays from damaging your home goods.

Window film is a great alternative to expensive blinds, shades, and shutters. If you want them for your home; along with free installations, call Bottom Dollar Blinds.

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