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Seeking a window blind that has the durability and aesthetic quality you need? Well, Bottom Dollar Blinds has a selection faux wood blinds that can’t be beaten. These are some of our highest rated blinds as many homeowners seek these for the home. That’s because they are affordable and attractive. Faux Wood Blinds are also a great alternative to traditional wooden blinds as they can safely be installed without the worry of warping or breaking.  Our Cypress Window Blinds Company offers professional measurement and installation that takes the guess work out of which blinds are right for your home.

Houston Faux Wood Blinds


Faux wood does not come in the same range of slat sizes that real wooden blinds do. Instead, faux is available in 2” and 2 ½” slats that are normally constructed of PVC or some other composite blend. The slats also come in two types:

  • Curved
  • Flat

Curved & Flat Slats

Curved slats make it a lot easier to filter sunlight in or out of the room in which they are in. The curved feature is simple to use and looks great. Flat slats are more identifiable with standard wooden blinds and work similarly to curved slats.

Faux Wood Blind Options

  • Routless – This option has also been known as de-Light, LightMaster and NoHoles. These faux window coverings thread then cords through the edges of the slats as opposed to through the middle. This decreases the point of light that escapes through the closed blind.
  • Cloth Tapes – This option comes available in 2” slat width. With this model, elegant cloth accent tapes are added to the blinds to cover the cord holes. This prevents light from intruding through the closed blinds.


Faux is much heavier than real wood by at least 60%-100%. This means that faux takes a lot more effort to raise up and down in Houston. They do, however, deliver the same degree of light control that all blinds offer.

Main Types

There are two main types of faux wood window coverings:

  • PVC – These are very heavy and generally weigh twice as much as real wood blinds. PVC faux does not warp as real wood does. They do though require the same amount of care and maintenance that should go into all blinds.
  • Composite – With the combination of PVC and wood pulp, composite blinds are some of the most durable materials in the window treatment market today. They resist humidity and are heavier than hardwood alternatives.

For Cypress faux wood blinds that you’ll love, call the window treatment pros at Bottom Dollar Blinds. Our goal is to provide you with treatment s that look wonderful and are fully functional. Call to schedule your consultation today and adorn your windows with class.

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Faux Wood Blinds on Timber Ln in Conroe TX

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