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Custom designed specifically for your home, with endless options of styles and materials, our roman shades are the perfect addition to any home. These sleek, modest, understated shades are a classic for a reason: they’re aesthetically versatile and they’re never out of style. The roman shades we offer at Bottom Dollar Blinds can complement a modern or classical interior design, and we can custom design your Roman shades to make sure that they’re perfect for you and your home.

Our Cypress window blinds company can provide you with an in-home consultation to walk you through our wide selection of window treatments and help you decide if Roman shades are right for your home. After you’ve selected your new Roman shades, we offer free measurement and installation services to make sure that your Roman shades are perfectly installed.

Houston Roman Shades

Clean, Classic Shades

Our Roman shades are perfect for any decoration style because of their clean, classic, sophisticated design. Roman shades are different from standard window shades in that they stack up evenly when they’re being opened. When they’re let down, they are visibly smooth, unlike typical vertical shades which can appear bumpy of ribbed.

Roman shades are available in a wide variety of styles, so you’ll always be able to find a set that is right for your home. Both looked Roman Shades and Classic Roman Shades are designed to create a sense of depth or dimension.

  • Looped Roman shades are designed with folds that flow downwards along the face of the shade to create the illusion of depth.
  • Classic Roman shades have a pleated design.

Roman shades are also offered with smooth or flat faces. Our professionals can work with you to find the perfect shades for your home, then we’ll provide you wtih an excellent installation.

Endless Options

There are several varieties of Roman shades, and they can also be made from an endless variety of materials. Roman shades can be made from wood or fabric, and they may even be made from other natural materials like bamboo.

With the number of options you have when it comes to Roman shades, you’re guaranteed to be able to find a set that matches with your home and your interior design. We can help you custom design your Roman shades so that they’re a perfect match for your home and a perfect fit for your windows.