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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions we get from our clients

What is the main differences between real wood and faux wood shutters?

Shutters in Houston have drastically evolved over the last ten years. Shutters that were purchased a decade ago are nowhere near the quality of today’s shutters. Today’s shutters offer a wider range of choices in color, materials, and options. Not only are the finishes of today better, but the craftsmanship is also excellent.

When it comes to the advantages of faux wood shutters, the cost is the primary benefit – the cost is usually 25% less than real wood shutters. For most people, faux wood shutters look identical to real wood. When the cost and budget are the determining factors, faux wood is a great alternative. Faux wood shutters also need less maintenance than wood. A lot of plastic and vinyl materials can last for many years without showing wear.

Faux Wood shutters in Cypress, although cost-efficient, have a different feel than the natural wood and many homeowners to quickly have second thoughts. However, faux wood shutters are made with the same workmanship and quality as wood shutters but when examined side by side, there is a certain quality of wood that vinyl will never be able to duplicate. The difference can be too subtle for some to consider paying extra for, while those who want the highest quality and warmth of wood, real wood shutters is the best and only viable option.

Since faux wood shutters are made from PVC composites, they are not as versatile be matched to wood trim that may be in your home. Faux wood cannot be stained – they can only be painted to match your desired color.

As you may know, Basswood is considered one of the best material for making wood shutters. Basswood, actually from the American Linden tree, is great for shutters for a variety of reasons. Here are four basic reasons why we prefer Basswood shutters:
1) Basswood is strong but it is also light
2) Basswood has a grain that is uniform allowing a beautiful stain finish
3) It is easy to glue and to finish
4) Basswood trees are growing faster than they are being harvested
5) Basswood does not warp

Lastly, a lot of homeowners will agree that the sheen and pattern variations that real wood grain provides are worth the extra price. However, if you were planning on purchasing white or any other solid color interior shutter, then faux wood plantation shutters are a great choice.

What is a Hybrid shutter?

Hybrid shutters are an evolutionary trend of house shutters in Cypress. They combine the beauty and style of wood with the strength, stability, and straightness of advanced modern-day materials. Hybrid Shutters provide the modern elegance of quality shutters at an affordable price.

Many styles of shutters are now constructed from a polymer. Poly wood shutters do have some limitations such as colors and sizes. One of the most significant limitations to Faux Wood/PolyCore shutters is door width. Where wider doors exist, real wood or reinforced composite, which are lighter in weight, is a good option.

Another alternative to wider doors is a poly wood material with aluminum reinforcements. Poly Core. They also offer a good price point, they are a good insulator and are simple to clean.

if you want a Cypress shutter with a fantastic stain or a well built composite shutter, you have several excellent choices with Hybrid shutters.

Are shutters “Made in China” a quality product?

Shutters made in China have superb finishes, superior craftsmanship and are less costly. When the shutter is made from materials imported from China, the shutter is superior in every way. However, when the shutter is milled and painted in the United States, the finish is consistently inferior – this is mainly in part to EPA regulations. The cost is also increased due to the coats associated with doing business in the United States.

What’s the difference between faux wood and real wood blinds?

Faux and composite wood blinds in Houston have come a long way in the past 10 years.

A faux wood purchased today tends to be more stable, won’t discolor and is significantly cheaper than real wood.

If you’re looking for a stained wood blind for your Cypress home, they can now be purchased in composite (faux) wood blinds. Many shutter and blind manufacturers provide composite wood tones that look great. One of the best benefits of faux wood blinds is the durability. You can leave your windows open without worrying about the blind becoming damaged.

Wood blinds come in many colors and stains. They make any room warm and inviting.