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Wood blinds are a popular type of window treatments in today’s homes. With the Woven Wood Shades; you’re getting the best of both worlds combined as these window coverings are a cross between wood shades and cloth shade. They provide the right amount of privacy and comfort that you deserve, without obstructing the view. Call Bottom Dollar Blinds today to schedule a consultation with our designers. You’ll be surprised at the selection and variety of styles our Cypress Window Blinds Company has to offer.

The woven wood type of shade is made from grasses, reeds, bamboo, rattan and wooden strips for a classic look that will make any room of the home stand out. They pleat up and down for better light control.

Woven Wood Shades in Houston


The woven wood type of shade is available in earthy, natural tones that can blend very well with many of today’s modern interiors. The softwood materials make use of renewable resources and are handcrafted for an authentic look.


  • Light filtering
  • Private
  • Stylish


Cords allow for these shades to be raised or lowered depending on your level of comfort. The cords hang by the side of the treatment and are simple to use. Motorized versions are available as they work through remote control, providing ease of use and protection during hot Cypress days.

Warmth & Beauty

The look of woven wood shades is a great choice for adding warmth and beauty to a room. The natural fibers accent any décor while easily introducing earth-friendly materials into the home. Because these shades are manufactured in a variety of styles and colors, they can be matched to any room in the home.


  • Hunter Douglas
  • Graber
  • Bali
  • YourBlinds


Woven wood look is very popular for windows all over Cypress, and offer the added benefit of being eco-friendly. They bestow a unique and natural beauty to your windows that are unlike any other type of window covering. You can enjoy these eco-friendly benefits:

  • Block 100% of UV rays
  • Available in a multitude of colors
  • Can be customized to fit unique architecture

Added Peace of Mind

Woven wood treatments are a right fit for almost all décor. They are woven for varying degrees of light filtration. You’ll have that peace of mind knowing that your shades are stylish but yet functional. Call for a free measurement and installation today.

Natural Looking

Shades of woven materials offer a natural look for your home. They have both light-filtering and darkening options as well. For a clean look and enhanced safety for children and pets, call Bottom Dollar Blinds about our shade styles.

If you want woven wood shades that you can’t get at a local home goods store, call us as you’ll love the custom fitting window treatments that are both stylish and affordable.

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