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As window treatments are decorative and functional, window shades can provide your windows with better security and filter out sunlight from the rooms in your home. Choosing the right one for your particular window will depend on several factors such as function, style, and ease of maintenance. If you need assistance, you can call Bottom Dollar Blinds, a Cypress Window Blinds Company offering top designs modules that are able to fit any window.

Cypress Window Shades that block out light can also aid in controlling heat and cold. This makes them effective whenever they are down. They are created of a solid length of material that’s fastened to a headrail and are weighed at the bottom.

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There are four main types of these particular window treatments:

  • Roller
  • Roman
  • Pleated
  • Cellular

Roller Shades

Roller shades can be made either from vinyl or fabric. One end of the material is installed in a roller made of wood or sometimes cardboard. There is a spring that comes with the roller type that allows the treatment to roll up and down when tugged. Roller shades are easy to use and offer full window views when open.


Made from fabric, this type of shade is either looped or flat. When the treatment is made with the materials bellowed in layers, it becomes looped. When lowered, it has a flat-like appearance. The materials gather in fold when it is raised, adding an attractive design element to windows.


Pleated window treatments, as in the name, are identifiable by their pleated look. Like roman shades, pleated shades are also made with fabric. The material is pleated in horizontal segments, which gives the shade a more seamless look than blinds with slats. Call Bottom Dollar Blinds for more information regarding pleated window treatments.


Also made of fabric, these window treatments have a honeycomb shape that allows for heating and cooling control. From the front, the shades look pleated. Cellular looks great in any room of the home, but especially lends well to bedrooms.


These window treatments may be raised or lowered to your preferred level with a continuous cord, located at the handrail. There are also cordless varieties for a more sleek look. Cordless shades are raised and lowered by the use of a pulley system.


Window shades in Cypress provide an additional layer of light control and privacy. When used with curtains or drapery, they have added privacy protection. They are also a great solution for windows too small for drapery such as staircase landings.

In order to get the shades of your liking, make sure to call Bottom Dollar Blinds so that our specialists can help you choose the correct shade for every room. Installations and measurements are provided free of charge. With more than a decade of experience, we know what you’re looking for and our designers can get it directly to you without using a third party.

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