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3 Compelling Reasons to Get Solar Screens for Your Houston Area Home

Solar Screens HoustonAre you in the market for new coverings for your windows? If so, you might consider the somewhat unusual choice of solar screens. Solar screens can provide some pretty compelling benefits for your Houston home, making them a top choice for your window-covering options. To learn those benefits, check out the following quick overview:

Reduction of UV Damage

UV rays are one of the most damaging things that can affect your Houston home. As they seep in through your window, they can discolor furniture, ruin paint jobs, and weaken fabrics. Though you can’t keep the sun from shining, you can reduce how much it shines in your home by having solar screens installed thanks to their reflective finish.

A decrease in Cooling Costs

As solar screens reduce damages by keeping the majority of UV rays out, they also provide another great, money-saving benefit: a reduction in cooling costs. UV rays will heat up your home, requiring you to crank down the thermostat and face the resultant cost. But by reducing UV rays’ presence in your home, you can avoid this expense and keep comfortable.

Glare Control

Not every feature you should expect from your window covering should be strictly practical. You should also enjoy some features that make your home as comfortable as can be. And by reducing the glare in your home, solar screens will make your home as pleasant and comfortable as can be since you won’t have to contend with uncomfortable and inconvenient sunlight at random areas of your home.

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