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How to Take Care of Shutters the Right Way

shutters HoustonEvery Cypress homeowner enjoys the fresh look of new shutters, but this new appearance doesn’t last long if proper maintenance isn’t performed. Window blinds experts have many recommendations for homeowners who want to keep their shutters in good condition, so reviewing some cleaning and maintenance tips is definitely worthwhile.

Maintaining the Shutters in Your Home

If your shutters are made of wood, window blinds specialists recommend that homeowners avoid using a lot of water or harsh cleaning solutions. Wood shutters can be cleaned using a vacuum, dusting cloth, and damp towel. The dust and dirt on the slats should be removed with the dusting cloth or vacuum first, and then the leftover residue can be eliminated with a damp cloth. Once the residue is removed, make sure that you dry the area with a clean cloth to prevent any warping of the wood.

Shutters made of synthetic materials can withstand more aggressive cleaning methods, so you don’t have to be as cautious when cleaning. Like wood shutters, these shutters should be cleaned without water first. Cleaning solutions can be used after dusting or vacuuming. Once you’ve finished cleaning your interior shutters, you should vacuum the dust and dirt off of the floor so that it doesn’t return to your shutters.

Depending on the material of your exterior shutters, you may be able to pressure wash them. Otherwise, you may be able to simply wash them with a hose. After the initial washing, you can set up a ladder to scrub them by hand with a cloth or brush. Dish soap and water is usually an effective combination. After using cleaning solutions, rinse off the shutters with water.

Contact Our Window Treatment Experts for New Shutters

If you have any questions about cleaning and maintaining your Cypress home’s shutters, reach out to the window blinds experts at Bottom Dollar Blinds for guidance. Our window blinds company can also provide you with new shutters if your existing window treatments are worn out or damaged.

If you’re looking for shutters in the Houston area, call Bottom Dollar Blinds at 281-746-6391 or complete our online request form.

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