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4 Ways Installing Interior Shutters Can Benefit Your Houston Home


At Bottom Dollar Blinds, our team understands that you want every part of your home to look its best. Your window treatments are a huge part of the overall look and feel of your home, because they contribute to the decorating scheme in each room. While our wide selection of blinds and shades offer a great deal of variety in terms of style, light control, privacy, and more, some homeowners find that their needs are best met by interior shutters. If you are looking for the perfect window treatment for your Houston home, there are four great benefits that may make interior shutters the perfect option for you. If you still need help deciding on the perfect window treatment for your home, Bottom Dollar Blinds offers free in-home consultations with our knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you choose which window treatments best suit your tastes and budget!

Added Durability

Interior shutters, also known as plantation shutters, are available in a variety of sturdy materials, including classic wood and extra-durable polycore. Shutters make a wonderful alternative to more delicate window treatments for active households because they are able to withstand a greater amount of wear and tear without becoming damaged. Parents and pet-owners alike will recognize the sight of ripped slats on damaged blinds. Between excitable dogs, bored cats, careless teenagers, and curious toddlers, blinds and shades often end up ripped or bent in active households. If you are familiar with the sight of damaged blinds or shades, or if you anticipate adding children or pets to your household within the next few years and want to prepare ahead of time, interior shutters may be a perfect solution for you. In addition to being able to withstand the lifestyle of a busy household, plantation shutters have the added benefit of longevity. Wood shutters do require regular cleaning and maintenance, but should last decades if appropriately maintained. Polycore shutters require even less attention than wood, and will hold up in terms of quality and appearance for an extremely long time.

Added Appeal

All window treatments are designed for both functionality and style, but shutters are unique because they actually add architectural interest to every room in your Houston home. The classic look of interior shutters can automatically make a room feel more stylish and welcoming. Plus, interior shutters are a smart and attractive way to add to your home’s resale value and make it more desirable to potential buyers. While interior shutters are striking and beautiful, they are also neutral enough to go with any interior décor, so you never have to worry about changing your window treatments if you decide to redecorate your home. In addition to increasing the appeal of your Houston home interior, plantation shutters can also make your home exterior more attractive as well. Visible through your windows, interior shutters suggest your home has a feeling of warmth and refinement. The sight of interior shutters peeking through your windows will charm passersby and increasing your home’s overall curb appeal.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Plantation shutters, like most window treatments, do a great job of providing lighting control and privacy protection, but they also have the added effect of adding insulation to your home. The thick, sturdy structure of interior shutters makes them a great barrier between the outside heat or cold and your climate-controlled indoor air. Plus, interior shutters are fitted into your window frames, drastically reducing the amount of unwanted heat transfer that occurs through and around your windows. The insulating effect of interior shutters will increase the energy efficiency of your Houston home. If your home is better insulated, then your HVAC system will not have to work as hard to heat and cool your home, saving you energy costs.

Healthier Environment

One overlooked benefit of plantation shutters is how relatively healthy they are for your home. Shades and blinds have fabric and materials that are more likely to catch and hold onto dust. Even with regular dusting, it can be difficult or impossible to eliminate the accumulated dust from shades and blinds. Especially in homes with asthmatics or allergy-sufferers, dust build up can contribute to health problems. On the other hand, shutters are easy to clean and are the least likely to trap dust and allergens. If you are looking for a simple way to make your home friendlier for people with chronic health conditions, or if you are looking to make cleaning your home easier, consider choosing shutters for your Houston window treatments.

At Bottom Dollar Blinds, we understand how important it is that you select the right window treatments for your Houston home. We offer a variety of custom shades, blinds, and shutters in many colors, materials, and prices to suit your needs. Between our free in-home consultation and our free installation services, our window treatment professionals offer services that simply can’t be beat. Give our friendly, knowledgeable staff a call today to get started!

Our quality selection and pricing make us the Houston Window Blinds Company to beat! Call 281-746-6391 or complete our online request form to schedule a consultation.

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